Weekend Recap: June 27, 2015

The fourth of July is only a week away? How is the summer slipping away so quickly? For the last five years, on July 4th, we've held an "Everything's Bigger in Texas Party", complete with comically large versions of food. If you're looking for a cool theme for your own Independence Day bash, we kindly offer that one up to you. Someone needs to carry on the tradition! 

On to the links: 

Links from Indiana:

  • My talented and gorgeous friends Savannah and Jenny are hosting their third annual Maiedae Mixer here in Atlanta on October 4th. If you're a TxSC sister and want to attend, slumber party at my house! (Seriously!)
  • You guys follow #HattietheHedgehog, right? Shalyn's hedgehogs (NINE now!) are my favorite Instagram animals. 
  • Wait, what? Forever 21 has a line of fair-trade jewelry made in Kenya? Made by Made, it's cute and affordable, too. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • For months and months I have been putting this duster in my virtual shopping cart, but haven't yet pulled the trigger. It's on sale now, but alas, they're out of my size. Someone else, someone who is a size small, get it and love it for me! 
  • So thankful for the link love that my sweet supportive friends Jen Loves Kev and Greetings From Texas gave MJ&DJ this week! And dear Brittany left us our first iTunes review! 

Links from Chris: 

MJ&DJ Weekly Wrap-Up:

Adams Family Updates:

  • We've joined our local YMCA and our neighborhood club, so it's swimming, swimming all the time now. We love that Jude has retained must of what he learned at Ms. Cathy's Swim Austin two summers ago. 
  • Indiana's family is coming up next week for fourth of July. You know what that means? Cleaning like crazy this week. Has anyone read Sidetracked Home Executives? We got it months ago after a friend recommended it, but it's been on the bookshelf untouched since we scored a copy of it used on Amazon for $1.55.