What is MJ&DJ?


Essentially Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes is a blog with a weekly podcast component. It will be topical, tangentially around parenting and current events. It will be lighthearted and funny. Listening to it and reading it should be easy and enjoyable. The content won't keep you up at night, but we do hope that it can spark conversation and bring on the LOL's to a typical mundane day. Although it's aimed at the adult population, the content will be safe for little ears and eyes if you, like us, have tiny eavesdroppers and spies around. Of course all of these are all speculative. We'll see how the blogcast evolves once it's live, won't we? 

As Chris and I continued to chat about what we hope MJ&DJ could be, we realized that we need to come up with an elevator pitch because explaining it takes quite a bit of time. 

CHRIS: Yes, but I still don't get it. How is a blogcast different than a podcast that has a website with it... i.e. every other podcast?
INDIANA: [sigh] Okay, like every other podcast, the blog, and hopefully the community around the blog, helps us promote the show and gather content for future episodes. Yes. But here's how we're different: our blog doesn't exist solely to serve the podcast. Some of the blog content should stand on its own. 
C: So when the podcast is live, we'll post the show notes--
I: Yes, and the day before we record, we'll post a reminder that we'll be live on Periscope. And the day after the podcast episode is published, we'll solicit ideas for the next show. 
C: So just like other podcasters do.
I: Yes, but on the in between days, there may be other content, too. Family fashion photos!
C: No. 
I: Maybe? Those Converse you're wearing right now were a courtesy item from Rack Room Shoes. We still owe them a post. 
C: Okay. So, maybe
I: And our blog posts will just be these conversations that we're having. 
C: So you'll be recording everything, always? 
I: Bahahahaha. No. I'll just type the blog post out like a play. 
C: And then we'll read and record them? 
I: No! I'll just type them! It'll be a little hard to read, but it's interesting. Different than other blogs. I want our distinct voices to be clear whether you read MJ&DJ or if you listen. My hope is that people will do both
C: And you want everything to be about parenting? 
I: Only kind of? It will be parenting and pop culture. Which is pretty much what our conversations at home are about anyway. 
C: You don't think it's too niche
I: I fear that it's not niche enough. If we were simply funny commentators on life, we wouldn't offer anything different than a lot of better, more established podcasts. 
C: Will we have guests?
I: I hope so! I want to do a section where I interview cool moms called MILF --
C: -- No. 
I: "Mother I'd like to FRIEND". 
C: That is not what MILF stands for. 
I: It COULD be. 
C: But it's emphatically not
I: This is going to be fun. 
C: You keep saying that. 
I: It could be!
C: It could be.