Introducing: Coffee + Crumbs, Season Three

Long time Adored Austin and Indiana/Elsewhere readers and the small contingent of Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes fans, I present to you: the Coffee + Crumbs podcast!

A while back, I applied to step in as the season three host, and I dragged my genius and diligent business partner Katie into the job, too. She's producing, I'm hosting, and together we get to handle brand relationships. 


Today is the day that we make our debut! Have you missed my raspy voice in your earbuds? My 4th-grade boy sense of humor?  My crazy curious questions? If so, be sure to check out today's premiere. I talk about MOTHERHOOD + SOCIAL MEDIA, and I may even put out a secret call to my fellow Popaholics. I also ask if anyone knows Blake Lively and can hook us up with an interview (anyone? anyone?).

I will say that I am super excited about this endeavor, but at the same time, I'm nervous about being the new voice on the show. (I'm stepping in for a beloved co-host who has been a calm, soothing voice since day one). I know you believe in me, and you all have been so gracious in supporting me as I've gone from actor to blogger to conference founder to someone who struggled somewhat publically trying to balance creative endeavors with motherhood (it ain't easy, yo). I've only recently begun to feel that I had some margins, and I've loved working within someone else's established framework so far (and, yes, I still do the social media for Birds on a Wire).

Thanks for following my work at Coffee + Crumbs. I'll update here on Tuesdays when new shows go live! Next week? I get to interview Jamie Ivey!