Hats off to hats

A Thoughtful Closet post from Indiana . . . 

I am so not a hat person. I used to think I was a hat person, but then one day I realized that I have no idea what to do with said hat once I enter a building. Or when I drive. Or when I eat. And it doesn't make sense to wear a hat just hanging at home, me and the kids... so the question begs to be asked: when does one wear a hat? 

I'll tell you when one can wear a hat: when one is invited to a tea party. And that, my friends, is why I'm wearing this hat:

date: 10 Dec. 2015 | occasion: tea party with my Northside squad

hat: American Apparel | dress: Brass | boots: TOMS | bracelets: Jook & Nona

CHRIS: For someone who claims not to be a hat person, you sure do have a lot of hats.

INDIANA: I don't have a lot of hats!

CHRIS: What are you talking about? You have that very hat in yellow and gray!

INDIANA: Oh. You're right. But I'm still not a hat person.

CHRIS: How do you figure?

INDIANA: I guess since I own more than one hat, I'm technically a hats person.

I'd like to show off my gray one again. Who has another tea party they can invite me to? It's the only place where I can wear a floppy hat in the winter without feeling completely ridiculous.