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Goodbye, 2009!

StyleIndiana Adams

This year Hubs and I are staying in for New Years. Jimi is sick, so we have to stay home and make sure he doesn't puke on anything important. But just because I'm staying in doesn't mean I shouldn't dress up like I'm going out. Wait. Did that sentence make any sense?New Year's Eve Day
New Year's Eve Day
new booties
date: 31 December 2009
occasion: New Years Eve and Target run
dress: thrifted (Buffalo Exchange)
sunnies: Walmart
lace blouse: thrifted (Savers, yesterday)
tights: Target
booties: thrifted (Savers, yesterday)
belt: vintage (Buffalo Exchange)
clutch: vintage (estate sale)

And look what I got at Target when I went to buy Bananagrams (at the suggestion of pretty much everyone who commented on my Scrabble post):

alligator ring

Isn't he the cutest? I can't believe he was only $7.99! I hope I can continue to find more outstanding animal jewelry for super reasonable prices. He may be my new favorite ring.

Happy New Year's, everyone! Here's to 2009: You were great, but I just know 2010 will be even better!

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Vogue's Most Stylish Women of 2009

StyleIndiana Adams

Vogue announced their list of 2009's Most Stylish Women. Do you agree with the rankings?

vogue's top 4 fashion icons of 2009
vogue's fashion icons of 2009
vogue's fashion icons of 2009
13. Leighton Meester, 14. Michelle Obama, 15. Angelina Jolie, 16. Georgia May Jagger,
17. Anna Friel, 18. Olivia Palermo, 19. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, 20. Beth Ditto.
For the most part, I agree. I love that Alexa Chung bested Vogue's perpetual darlings Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. Lady GaGa (love or hate her) should be way higher than #11. I also think that Vogue should separate actors from the characters they play. For instance, Blair Waldorf dresses way better than Leighton Meester. Carrie Bradshaw has way more style than SJP, and Chuck had a to die for wardrobe whereas Anna Friel's style differs quite a lot. One last thought: WHERE THE HECK IS ANNE HATHAWAY?!

Do y'all see any other glaring omissions?

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Savers is making me spend!

Indiana Adams

When I picked up my car from the garage yesterday I realized that I was already halfway to Savers! Since The Year of the Man Makeover starts Monday, I wanted to grab a few more things for Hubs.

savers: four shirts for hubs
L-R: American Eagle ($5.99), Fink Clothing ($5.99) Banana Republic ($9.99), Banana Republic ($7.99)

I'm still on the hunt for a couple of blazers, a new winter coat, some cute jeans, a pair of dress pants, and a couple pairs of boots for him, but I think so far, we have a good start. I'm excited to be featuring some dude fashion!

Nonetheless, lady fashion will still remain my main focus. I did manage to snag a couple items for myself yesterday. Of course!

savers: lace shirt and ankle boots
High necked, long sleeved lace shirt Wet Seal ($1.49), black early 90's Liz Claiborne ankle boots ($7.99)
I am doing this new thing where I make a master wish list for my clothing since lately I've been buying a lot of basics and cheap filler. Animal jewelry aside, if it's not on the list, I don't buy it. I passed up three really great basic frocks yesterday, but I'm pleased that I spent less than $10 on myself! A long sleeved lace shirt has been on my list for a while since Jane seems to use hers as a cornerstone piece in her wardrobe. Black ankle booties were on my list since I've been planning some kind of DIY with them in January.

Despite my thriftiness, here's what Hubs said last night that made me laugh for five minutes straight:

Wisdom from Hubs

What can I say? The man speaks the TRUTH.

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Euchre embarrassment no more!

StyleIndiana Adams

Confession: I am from the Midwest and I do not know how to play euchre. Luckily my dear friend PQ is coming over tonight to give me a lesson to remedy that. Ha. Like I need another game to get addicted to?

Now to some, me not knowing how to play euchre may not seem to be a large matter, but to me, this is quite a tragedy. Many a college night was spent in my dorm room alone whilst my buddies reveled in their fun, euchre nights. Thus, my new euchre enabled self now allows me special social privileges when I go back home. I shall no longer be an embarrassment to the Midwest!

Oh, and here's what I'm wearing for such said lesson. Oh, yeah... fashion blog blah blah blah blah. Yep. This is the Dynasty blouse I got on my last Savers trip. I accidentally hung it in the guest room closet and forgot about it.
Dynasty blouse
Dynasty blouse
bee pin

date: 30 December 2009
occasion: game night and euchre lesson!
blouse: vintage (Savers)
jeans: Built by Wendy (gift from Simplicity)
shoes: Payless
bee pin: The Good Shoppe (Christmas gift)

Heidi (yes, the same one who always beats me in Scrabble) is doing PQ's euchre lesson with me, too. I'm hoping that this is one game I can actually be victorious over her, though! MIDWEST POWER!

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Lohan continues her dellusions that she is a fashion designer.

StyleIndiana Adams

If you've been reading Adored Austin for a while, you'll know that I really, really don't like celebrity clothing lines (exceptions? Nicole Richie and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen... duh). I was bored by both of Lauren Conrad's collections, I was horrified by Heidi Montag's line, and I detest anything "made by" Lindsay Lohan. So imagine my horror this morning when I read on WWD that La Lohan is expanding her 6126 legging line to a full clothing collection. WHY?! LINDSAY, DID YOU NOT LEARN ANYTHING WITH UNGARO? Geez, Louise. She even tweeted that she needs more followers to get the word out about it.

OMG! Lindsay needs more followers!
Follow Lindsay! You read that right. She needs MORE followers! You know, because 250,538 just doesn't cut it!

It's your call. Here are the sketches. WWD reports that the average price point will be between $100- $150.

Look, guys! Linsday can sketch!
Lindsay Lohan is a REAL designer, y'all!
"Yes, I AM a designer. Picking buttons is hard work!"
I know, I know. I shouldn't judge until the line is out. But let's think objectively, shall we? Has Lohan done anything good since Mean Girls? Anything at all? Believe me. I'm rooting for her. I miss that spunky redhead who was in The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday. Anyone else?

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This calls for a dinner party!

HouseIndiana Adams

Oh my gosh, you guys! Look at the grown up furniture I'm getting!

new furniture

Hubs and I got an Ansager table on Craigslist a couple weeks ago and we just ordered these chairs last night from Amazon and Overstock. I'm so excited that after three years in Austin our house is finally, finally, finally taking on an aesthetic and is starting to feel like home.

Gosh, it seems like only yesterday when Hubs and I were eating dinner on the floor of our crummy apartment using an upside down cardboard box as a table! I want to do a special little shout-out to Hubs' mom and her husband for the super sweet Christmas gift that allowed us to buy all this grown up furniture. Thank you!

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